NaMoBloPo Wha?

November 9, 2007

Well, now, SOMEBODY signed us up for NaBloPoMo. I'm not pointing any fingers. That you can see.

What I am doing is crossing my fingers, hoping that some of you would like to send in one-paragraph entries detailing the most absurd things you ever did to get someone to be, or stay, your friend. We'll post them daily for the rest of November, in between our regular stories. You can email the submissions to us at ciswysubmissions at I guess I'll go first:

One of the silliest things I ever did was tell my Japanese friend Miho that my family had Japanese ancestry. It was an outright lie. But I really liked her family, and was desperate for a way to guarantee that I'd be closer to her than our friend and my rival, Michael. I wanted to be the only one her mother taught to do complicated origami, use chopsticks, and eat ramen noodles! I wanted to be the only one with access to Miho's Japanese sticker collection, hamsters, and Manga books!

Miho just laughed at me, knowing that there was no way in Hell I was Japanese. She liked me for (or despite) my personality, not my background. And she liked Michael, too. And I just had to deal with being part of a trio rather than a pair.


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I like this blog-- lots of interesting stories to read... although it's not on any sort of topic like my own blog (experimental music) I'm going to have to find you on NaBloPoMo later when I'm feeling a bit more awake! Cheers, --DaveX

DaveX said...
10/11/07 2:52 AM  

You told Miho you were part Japanese? Which part? The red hair or quasi-Canadian accent?

10/11/07 11:50 AM  

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