Can I Sit With You? LIVE!

January 28, 2008

Our first-ever Can I Sit With You? event was a smashing success! Liz Henry, SJ Alexander, Sarah Glover, and Michael Procopio all read their stories from the Can I Sit With You? book. Then we sold a gazillion copies of said book. And then -- in an act of generosity that would have gotten Shan teary even if she hadn't knocked back two beers to combat severe stage fright -- host (and CISWY author) Cindy Emch donated the entire night's proceeds to SEPTAR! All told, we wrangled $400 for those adorable kids and their families and teachers. *Sniff*

If you didn't have the good fortune to attend, check out our brand-new Flickr photostream for documentation. If you were there and took pictures, please link them up. And don't forget to add us as a contact.

Host/Organizer Cindy Emch
Cindy Emch sporting the world's greatest tattoo

We gots the videos, too! (Please excuse the Cinéma-Vérité camera action. Again, there was beer.) Have a look at the excerpts:

Liz Henry reads from The Sex Change of Zyax II:

SJ Alexander reads from All's Fair in Love and Mucus:

Sarah Glover reads from Love Hurts:

Michael Procopio reads from The Sound of Musicals:

Thanks again, everyone. More events and more authors will be coming, so if you couldn't make this one, stayed tuned.


I am glad I am wearing waterproof mascara today. That is AWESOME.

DivaLea said...
29/1/08 1:52 PM  

Fabulous!!! Can't you just see this turning into a theatre production?!?

doubletrouble said...
31/1/08 11:00 AM  
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doubletrouble said...
31/1/08 11:00 AM  

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