Can I Sit With You?: The Video

November 17, 2007

Every person we've talked to since this project began has a Can I Sit With You? story. Every last one. But a lot of people are cautious about sending us a written story, because they "aren't writers." So, we're curious. What would you think about seeing video clips of peoples' stories instead, a la YouTube?

Posted by Shan & Jen at 12:00 AM  


i like the video idea although, one does not have to identify with being a writer to tell a story on paper.

minnie said...
18/11/07 10:54 AM  

Hey Minnie, I agree! We tell people that, we also encourage them to do an "as told to..." But it is the most popular excuse we get. Because, you know, we're always pimping away.


Shan & Jen said...
18/11/07 11:44 AM  

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