September 30, 2007

We'll publish a longer essay tomorrow, but as this short piece is too cute we thought we'd offer it up as an amuse bouche.

Catching On
By Victoria A. Laraneta
Age 9 at the time

I went to a small grade school in the Midwest. Kick-ball was the favorite recess sport back in the 1950's...sort of like baseball, only no bats and big heavy red rubber balls. I was always the kid who fell down on the way to school or the clumsy girl who tripped on the stairs. So at recess the team captains took turns picking the kids they wanted on their teams. I was always the last one standing. "You take her!'' "No, you take her!"--that's what I always heard.

It went on like that for me all through junior high and high school too.

When I was 40 I was trying to learn to play tennis...and I realized I didn't have any eye hand coordination. My tennis instructor taught me and it became a whole new world for me.

I think it is pretty cool now when my husband throws me the car keys and I can catch them.

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